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Run further and faster, with fewer injuries by tightening up your run technique and becoming a more efficient runner.

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Improve breathing mechanics and utilise good mobility practices to speed up recovery from racing and training.

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Enfer Running was borne of the frustration of not running well.  It’s as simple as that.  Not running well is not fun and leads to injury and burn out… which leads to not running at all which is even less fun.

Running should be enjoyable.  It is a basic human movement and part of the reason we progressed as far as we have.  We should all be able to run and to run well; whatever your definition of ‘run well’ is.  Running well could mean going fast, it could mean going long, it could mean just feeling good while doing it.  All of this can be learned.

Realistically, nobody learns to run.  Plenty of people learn to swim, or learn to write, or learn to cook, but for some reason the general consensus is ‘I have two legs, I can run’…  That is certainly true, but there are more efficient ways of doing it that stop you from hurting yourself and make it less strenuous.  At Enfer Running, we want to change the notion that whatever style you have is good.  We want to teach people how to run so that running injuries are a thing of the past.

The coaching from Enfer Running made a massive difference when I was training for a half marathon.  Even though I had been running for leisure for years, after a series of sessions with Nathan and a realistic training plan in place, I accelerated my level of fitness dramatically and alleviated a minor pain in my knee.  I now go for regular ‘tune-ups’ so that I can continue to avoid injury.

Meg Foley

I trained with Nathan for more than 4 months preparing for the Gold Coast Marathon. It was the first time I was at the start line of a marathon without any injury and during the training Nathan taught me techniques on how to run better and faster.  I’ve been running for over 5 years and within these 4 months of training with Nathan I broke my 5Km, 10Km and half marathon PB’s.

I don’t have any hesitation in recommending Nathan to anybody who shares a passion for running.

Bart Hostyn
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What is Running Technique? +

Running Technique is an individual style of running.  There are many different styles, however, some are more efficient than others.  The style I teach is thePose Method of Running and this reduces impact on the body and increases the efficiency of your run.

How are your Sessions Priced? +

Face to Face Running, Breathing and Mobility Sessions are $80 per one hour and can be booked online.
Online Programming starts from $60 per month.
Contact Me for Strength and Conditioning session prices.

Show +

For running technique most people show considerable improvement in 4 – 6 sessions.  How many sessions you have depends on how proficient you want to become.  Once you get there, you will know.

For those who want to continue running without face to face sessions, I also write online programs for athletes and customise programs to include technique sessions.

Breathing and Mobility sessions will only require 1 – 2 sessions.

Where Do You Conduct Sessions? +

As we only need a small space we can run a session in a car park or park convenient to you.  I am located in the Windsor/ Prahran area but feel free to call and we can organise a location close to your work or home.

I'm new to running. What should I expect? +
Hey, welcome to running!  The technique sessions I run are different to most training sessions.  These will be one on one and involve a lot of two way discussion and short (10-20m) runs.  My aim is to get you familiar with the movements needed to run properly so you can avoid injury.

This is not a fitness session so it doesn’t matter how fit you are.  This is a fun, educational session where you can try different movements to help you learn the skill of running.

Is Running Dangerous? +

Reading some of the statistics floating around at the moment, it sounds like it is very dangerous!  But it doesn’t need to be.  There are suggestions that 80% of runners will be injured each year.  That’s crazy!  That’s part of the reason I started Enfer Running.  Learning proper technique will reduce unnecessary impact on muscles and joints and reduce the likelihood of an injury.

Good technique mixed with an ongoing mobility practice and some strength and conditioning will help you run strong for the rest of your life and I am here to help you do that.

How Do I Know if my Technique is OK? +

Compare yourself to a 4 year old running!  Kids run with great form!  But even if you already run well we can still work on the intricacies of great technique.  Remember, even the pros have coaches…

I am currently injured. Can I still sign up? +

If you can walk without pain we can get started on running technique improvements.  These technique classes are simplified movements with no load, therefore, anyone can do them.  If you do have any injuries, please let me know before we start so that we can adjust movements if necessary.

If you are injured the Mobility sessions I run will certainly be of use to speed up the recovery process.

Technique adjustment should be part of all rehabilitation for runners.  In many cases it is poor technique which causes the injury so while you work with your practitioner to heal your injury, technique improvement will ensure that it never comes back.

How do I sign up? +

Contact Me and we can organise the first session, then you can decide if it’s right for you.  No minimum commitment required.

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